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Do you have sweet everyday math skills? Then it’s time to turn up the heat to practice and improve! Don’t sweat it, take your time to think it through step by step, and this word problem challenge will be easy as pie. (hint: you’ll need to use your subtraction and division skills.) We know you can do it!

Challenge: Nellie puts a batch of pies into the oven at 6:17 AM. When they go into the oven, the internal temperature of the pies is 60° Fahrenheit. The temperature increases at a rate of 2.5° per minute. If Nellie wants the internal temperature of the pies to reach 160°, at what time should she take them out of the oven?

Don’t leave the problem half-baked, once you think you’ve worked it out, check below for the solution!

Solution: In order to increase to 160°, the internal temperature of the pies will need to rise 160° – 60° = 100°. Since 100° ÷ 2.5° per minute = 40 minutes, it’ll take 40 minutes for the pies to bake. So, Nellie should take them out of the oven at 6:57 AM.

First Added By Mathnasium USA | Jan 31, 2018

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