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Child Playing with a FlowerBecoming a math tutor is no easy task. Knowing how to solve difficult math problems is not the only qualification of a math tutor. Kids who are struggling with this subject need more than a person who can show them how it is done. They need someone who can teach effectively as well make them understand the complexity of mathematics thus helping them have a better grasp of the subject. So, if you are thinking of tutoring in UAE, here are qualifications and traits of a great and successful tutor.


The qualities of a good tutor


  • Good math tutors are always prepared. Lessons for the week are already done so she knows what to teach and not look for lessons during the session. The tutor can tell the parents what exactly she is going to teach the child and explain why. If one is prepared, a student’s question will be answered with ease and if the student has a hard time understanding the lesson, there is an alternative problem solving solution.


  • A tutor should have great skills in teaching. Like we said, being an awesome math tutor takes more than knowing how to solve a problem. It is just like language. If you are fluent in English, that does not mean you can be an effective English teacher. There are teaching skills that you need to have. Math is a complicated subject and a tutor should know how to simplify problems and solutions.


  • A good math tutor knows how to communicate well. If you are going to be talking to students every single day, you need to know how to communicate with them. You can’t just go on and babble math problems without checking if your students understand you. Good communication is important.


  • Tutoring in UAE takes character and passion. Students in UAE are passionate about school in general. They like learning and they expect their tutors to have the same quality. Teachers and tutors alike also need to be professional. Of course, humor and having games are part of teaching but do not get carried away.


  • Great teachers are innovative. There may be a standard that each teacher follows but they should also be innovative. This proves that teachers can be creative and love their work because they spend extra time thinking of ways to make the lesson more fun and interesting.

Becoming a tutor in UAE may be challenging but it can be very rewarding, especially when you are very passionate about teaching. Click here and learn more about tutoring in UAE with Mathnasium.

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