A Great Tutor in DubaiAre you thinking of tutoring in Dubai? It is known that math is one of the hardest subjects in school if not the hardest. So, if you have the qualifications to be a maths tutor, then you will love living and working as a tutor in Dubai. But what makes a good maths tutor? Being good at math is not the only qualification that one should have. There are many other factors that tutoring companies are looking for in a math tutor. Keep in mind that you will be teaching children of different ages and each age group has different needs, personalities, and learning processes. Therefore, as a math tutor, not only should you be good at math but you also need to understand your students.

Being a teacher or tutor should not just be considered as a job where you can make money. A teacher needs to have a love and passion in teaching. A teacher wants to help her students not because they pay her but because she genuinely wants to help. Other than that, here are some qualifications of a math tutor that you need to have in order to be one in Dubai.

  1. Awesome credentials and experience. Like previously mentioned, just being good at math is not enough. You will need to have amazing credentials in order to be accepted in the best tutoring companies in Dubai. Your educational background will be checked as well as your employment history. It is a good idea to have your papers with you when you apply.
  1. You know how to create a program for kids in different age groups. As a tutor, it is your job to assess your pupil/s. Using your experience and good judgment, you should be able to know the best way that a child could learn his maths and not confuse him even more.
  1. You need to have great communication skills. Being a teacher or tutor means that you need to be able to get your message across clearly. You also need to be able to talk to the parents and let them know the status of their child’s education. Also, it will be your duty to talk to the child’s teacher in school and give him or her an update.
  1. You need to have a love for teaching and kids. It’s not enough that you can solve complicated math problems. You need to have the right attitude and the especially the right intentions.

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