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Mentor Teaching Her Student MathIf you are looking for maths tuition classes to enroll you child in, you must first have an idea of what he will learn in such educational institutions. An overview of their curriculum would help you anticipate lessons in the future, preparing not just your kid but also you, as a parent, in teaching basic arithmetic. It would be best to use such a  tool to review your child at home after his classes to help him retain the lessons in his mind, develop calculation skills, and even to achieve a greater bond with one another.

If it is your kid’s first time to enter school, you might want to do some preliminary educating at home with this mini-curriculum:

The order of operations

Before you start shelling out maths tuition fees, you must first introduce numbers to your child by teaching him the concept of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Start with the simple ones such as addition and subtraction. There are many tools that can help your demonstrate these particular operations; even common household items such as marbles and fruits can be useful in your mentoring. After he familiarizes himself with the first two operations, advance to the more complex operations which are multiplication and division. There are shortcuts and less confusing methods in doing so scattered on the web, but if you want to go traditional, there are also some that are written in books.

Decimal system

Known as any number in the base-ten system, a decimal is often marked by a dot called the decimal point. This is a very broad subject comprised of many other sub-topics such as determining the place value of the decimal point and arranging decimals from lowest to highest. Much like the basic operations discussed in a maths tuition centre, decimals can also be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided.


Referred to as parts of a whole, fractions are best demonstrated using pizzas or slices of a pie. There are many maths tuition assignments or exercises that you can do to hone your child’s skills in this particular aspect. There are mixed number, irregular fractions, and the usual operations that can be performed to combine and deduct fractions. This topic can prove to be challenging for some students, so it is important that you give exams to help your child understand fractions better.

Above are just some of the topics that are taught in maths tuition classes, but what about the teaching approaches? If you are just as clueless about parenting as your child is about math, then you might need these teaching tricks:

Use colors

One of the best ways to help your child distinguish mathematical equations and terms is through color coding. When adding up numbers for instance, you can make it more interesting by grouping the same colors of a particular item and counting them.

Watch educational shows

There are lots of children’s show that appeal to young minds. They are not just in TV but can also be searched on the web. Use them to your advantage and aid your kid in his struggles.

Play educational games

There are many games that can be both entertaining and educational. Video games or traditional card games are some examples. All it takes is a little patience and research to pull this one off.

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