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Rightly or wrongly, no other school subject has earned the dubious reputation of being one of the most difficult to tackle other than maths. However, it cannot be denied that proficiency in the subject is integral to both the academic and professional success of a person.

And although instructors play a vital role in helping kids hone mathematical skills, parents should not ignore the need for them to take a proactive stance in helping their children gain mastery over the subject. Maths made easy for kids? Is it possible? Yes, if you follow these tips.

Mastering concepts

One reason your child may be lagging behind in the subject is that he might view it as another subject that requires memorisation. One of the key elements in mastering the subject is understanding the underlying concepts. As such, instead of simply practising drills with your kid, you should set aside ample time explaining the basic concepts and how to utilise them in solving numerical problems.

Train the child to write numbers legibly

A substantial amount of mistakes students commit when solving equations can be attributed to illegible numbers. Imagine mistaking the number seven for number one or eight for three and the results will definitely lead to the wrong solution. This problem can easily be remedied by letting the child practise writing numbers in a neat and legible manner.

Respond promptly

Another crucial mistake that parents can make when their children are having difficulty in maths is to wait until the problem spirals out of control. Maths is a subject where it is imperative for the learner to understand and master simpler concepts before moving to more complex topics. If the child is lagging behind on a certain topic, it is important to put into place the appropriate corrective measures so that he’ll be able to catch up with his peers.

Beyond homework assignments

Homework assignments are crucial for reinforcing the learning done within the confines of the classroom. However, most students simply breeze through these instead of making proper use of them in order to truly master the subject. The best way to maximise the utility of assignments is to teach your child the habit of poring through his textbooks and looking at the samples included.

However, most students can profit greatly beyond completing their assignments. Both parents and their children should set time aside for additional work beyond the assigned tasks. This will further strengthen the student’s mastery of the concepts while reinforcing his confidence that can be carried on to the classroom setting.

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