ClassroomIt has been a common misconception that mathematics or maths is a boring and difficult subject. Its logical and analytical nature is often mistaken as complicated when, in fact, it is just as interesting as other subjects such as literature and science. If studied with the right tools and approach, one will realize that maths is fun.

There are various teaching techniques that will appeal to people, especially children, proving that maths is fun to learn. Some of them use instruments such as toys and other suitable everyday devices that will help simplify the lessons to those who desire to be great in the field. Such method is also known as tactile, which is ideal for students who enjoy learning through a dynamic and fresh approach. That being said, the different ways of teaching vary not just to amuse students but also to appeal to their coping mechanism. There are certain teaching strategies that work on particular people but don’t work on others. It’s just a matter of discerning which approach fits who to achieve optimum learning. Some of the other ways of teaching include:


Verbal or oral teaching is probably the most common teaching methods around. It is widely used in different countries and in different schools or universities. It works by simply telling people information and explaining to them how a math problem is solved through a specific formula. Though it is a very familiar teaching technique, it is still often supplemented by other approaches such as written and visual style. Verbal teaching is perfect for individuals who are more efficient in absorbing information through listening.


Using pictures to explain lessons or discussions, visual learning is one of the most exciting approaches that proves why maths is fun. Some even create puzzles out of pictures to make it more thrilling for the students. An example would presenting an image of numerous apples to a child and letting him or her count them to teach. Such process is often effective for people who understand things better when they are seen.


Perhaps the easiest and most convenient form of teaching, the written style uses no more than just pens or pencils to instruct students. This is very helpful especially to those people who easily forget lessons. If in any case they forget about the things that they have discussed in school, the notes they made will help them remember everything. By being playful with the color of one’s pens or by using stimulating codes, the written method proves that maths is fun.

With all the above techniques available for teaching, it just goes to show that maths is fun and easy to learn. Professionals continue to develop new ways to spread knowledge about maths today, however. Demonstration, for instance, an unconventional way of lecturing and disseminating information to others. It uses different ways such as gestures and other people to communicate the information the teacher wishes to convey to his or her students. All these, just to educate people about maths.

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