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Mathematics can be hard and difficult to comprehend. But it can also be fun! Beyond the puzzling numbers and the dizzying equations, love for mathematics can be developed by building confidence and a positive attitude.

Dubai students, in a recent study, lag behind the international average in math aptitude, although they have shown marked improvement from previous years. This paints a not-so-pretty landscape, especially for parents wanting a better education for their children. Part of these numbers may be attributed to the supposed fear of the subject and the lingering stigma that math is undesirable and is only for the more intelligent students.

As a parent, or an entrepreneur willing to flip the numbers, there is still hope of directing children in your community toward the path to understanding and mastering math. Mathnasium, a specialized math-only learning center with branches in 16 countries outside of the US and Canada, is now offering the unique opportunity of franchising in Dubai.

Here are the benefits of establishing one in your area:

  1. Addresses growing demand for quality Math instruction. According to recent statistics, math aptitude in Dubai ranks 48th out of 65 countries which participated in an educational assessment testing procedure. Though it may not be alarming, there is the realization that there exists a need for better quality math instruction. Mathnasium offers a one-on-one approach to learning because they are aware that not all kids have the same aptitude. Therefore, teaching them separately will allow them to learn on their own pace and not get pressured by how other classmates are doing. Most of their teachers hold a master’s degree in math, so one is assured of the quality of education they are getting.
  2. Presents a special opportunity for responsible business. A responsible business is one that nurtures its clients and creates a positive environment for them to develop. It presents a chance to motivate and inspire others through math, which can help with Dubai’s learning curve. Being a responsible businessman entails looking out for the good of your consumers and ensuring that your products and services contribute to well-being and the greater good.
  3. Creates positive impact on kids. The general concept of Mathnasium is that it builds a positive attitude towards math. With kids, you don’t want to develop negative characteristics and should always aim to create better environments for their learning. Activities in Mathnasium include illustrations and puzzles, and other exercises that make math fun and enjoyable.


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