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mathematicsdubaiGone are the days when Mathematics in grade school were as easy as 1-2-3. These days, it has gotten very complicated. Schools are teaching advanced Math to younger students which makes them struggle to get very high grades. It is no wonder that most parents decide to hire private tutors for their kids in order to help them with their Mathematics. Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, has become very competitive and it is the parents’ job to equip their kids with the right tools. However, the question is, should parents hire an independent tutor or should they contact a tutoring company?

Hiring an independent tutor may be a little bit cheaper compared to hiring one from a company, but the advantages of getting services from a company outweighs getting an independent. Listed below are reasons why parents should choose a tutoring company.

  1. Qualifications and skills. When one applies for a job, the applicants are scrutinized by the company that he is applying to. The same thing happens to every tutor in a tutoring company. They need to submit a resume; they are interviewed by people who actually know what questions to ask in order to determine if the candidate is qualified for the job. Then the company does a background check and talks to past employers. After all that, he or she needs to demonstrate how he teaches and the company will decide whether to hire the applicant or not. This means that parents are assured that the person who is going to teach their kids is qualified and can be trusted to do his job well.
  1. Tutor-student match. A company has quite a number of qualified tutors and they understand that student and teacher should have some kind of connection. If your child is not comfortable with one teacher, then the company will provide another one. The parents do not have to go out looking for a replacement.
  1. Companies are more reliable. If an independent tutor, for example, gets sick before an exam. What happens to the child? He won’t be able to review properly. People get sick; that is inevitable. The question is, what is going to be done when one does get sick. With a company, if the tutor gets sick, they will have a replacement ready for you.
  1. Accountability. When hiring a company, there is always accountability. Their reputation depends on it. Once a company’s reputation is tarnished, it will be difficult for them to get clients, which means that they will do everything they can, within reason, to satisfy their clients.

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