Learning Using TechnologySo, you got your child’s report card and you see the same result that you saw last quarter and the quarter before that. You may even have noticed that last school year, it was also the same. You need to admit that you child is struggling with math and there is no shame in that. There are a lot of factors that could affect a child’s learning process. Just because he is struggling with math does not mean that he does not have the mental capacity for it. It could simply be the teaching process. One teaching strategy that works for some students may not work for others. That is why it is important that you talk to math tutors in Dubai about your child’s struggles and decide if you need to hire one.

Letting your child struggle with maths alone will make him fall behind his class even more. Not being able to understand one formula could affect other lessons as well that are connect to that particular lesson. It better that you provide some help as early as possible so he does not go on to the next level without fully grasping his math lessons.

How do you choose good math tutors in Dubai?

You can choose to hire independent math tutors or you can hire a tutoring company to help your child with his studies. Which is option is best for your child? Both options are good but if you really think about it, getting a tutor from a company has more advantages than hiring an independent tutor. Why? One word. Accountability. Tutoring companies are very strict when hiring tutors. Applicants go through a series of tests and trials in order to be considered for the position. Also, they are constantly given workshops to improve their teaching skills and strategies. If tutors want to remain employed and continue what they love doing, they should comply with the company requirements. Whereas an independent tutor on the other hand will only educate herself further if and when she feels like it or when it is necessary.

Why should you hire a math tutor for your child?

  1. A tutor will have one-on-one sessions with your child and will be able to fully determine your child’s level in the subject. Knowing a child’s skill level is important so the tutor will know where to start and how to proceed.
  1. A tutor is able to customize a program for your child. A standard way of teaching does not need to be followed. Instead, it could be customized according to your child’s learning process. If one strategy does not work for him, there are other strategies that could.
  1. Private tutors can be cool. Math is already a difficult and serious subject. However, if the person teaching it knows how to make it cool and fun, it could be more interesting and a child’s brain could be more willing to absorb it.

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