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Math comes easily for some people, while others have to work a little harder to understand the concepts. The thing about the subject, however, is that even if you don’t have the natural aptitude for it, learning it still shouldn’t terrorize you or make you miserable. The key in developing a healthy attitude toward learning this allegedly difficult subject is a good teacher.

It’s a sad observation that the widely negative attitude about math usually stems from teachers who inspire dread of the subject instead of interest in it. Since it seems that not a lot of people easily pick up math skills, it’s even more important for a math teacher to exert effort to make sure that students understand the concepts that they’re supposed to learn. For this reason, it’s a real coup to find the qualities cited below in a math teacher. Dubai students have a much easier time learning math when their teacher is:

  • Patient and empathetic – While it’s important that the teacher be extremely knowledgeable in math, it doesn’t follow that he should have been a math wizard since childhood. Sometimes, it’s even more beneficial when the teacher used to be somebody who also struggled with the subject. Inborn mathematician or not, he should always exhibit patience and empathy when his student fails to grasp the concept right away.
  • Imaginative and creative – Dealing with young people, a teacher needs plenty of imagination and creativity to capture and retain their attention. Part of the problem is that kids frequently fail to engage when they’re supposed to be listening. With some insight and creativity, their teacher will be able to present lessons in a more interesting way.
  • Properly motivated – A math teacher Dubai students are sure to look up to is somebody who helps them be and feel successful at the subject. The goal of the teacher is to make sure that the students learn. It’s not about the pay. It’s not about the career. The job is about helping the students improve their math knowledge and skills.
  • Technically trained and experienced – Teaching is different from doing. While a person may be able to solve math problems at quicksilver speed, it doesn’t follow that he can teach the subject with efficacy and competence. Teaching requires training, and to be even more effective, it requires experience as well. A teacher needs to be familiar with a wide variety of techniques in getting students to understand lessons. This is possible through training and experience.

Mathematics does not have to be a student’s nemesis or Waterloo or some other dramatic metaphor. With a good teacher, it can be something to excel at.

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