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Flex those Muscles!

So Summer Break has kicked in… remember that taking a break does not mean taking a break from learning. Mathnasium invites you to challenge your children once every day, even if it’s as little as 10 minutes.. Make it a challenge.




Larry Martinek, the man behind Mathnasium says, “Much like the muscles athletes use in competition, a student’s math muscles have to be exercised to remain in top form.”

Support your child’s math muscles stay in top shape this summer.

Let it be a challenge. Try and see if you and your child can work out these exercises! You may be well amazed! Check out the answers next week.


  1. Ben walked two miles to school and three quarters of a mile to his friend’s house. He then walked back to school from his friend’s house along the same route. His mother picked him up from school and drove him home. How far did Ben walk?
  2. Maryam bought a new purse that was marked down 25% from its original price. Maryam also used a voucher that gave her 50% off the discounted price. If the purse originally cost 80AED, how much did Maryam pay for it?
  3. At a fabric store, blue fabric is sold for AED10.50 a yard and red fabric is sold for AED 9 a yard. How much would 4 ½ yards of blue fabric and 3 ½ yards of red fabric cost altogether?
  4. Jane has 72 seashells. She used half of the seashells to make a necklace. She used half of what was left to decorate a shadow box. How many seashells does Jane have left?
  5. Henry can make a stuffed animal in 6 hours. Nina can make a stuffed animal in 4 hours. If Henry and Nina work together, how long will it take for them to make one stuffed animal?


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