Everything kids do in Math during the summer helps them get ahead!


According to studies, at summer’s end, students perform one month behind their progress in the spring!

Make sure that does not happen to your child this summer break.



Keeping your child mathematically active helps him stay at par. Give him these questions  to work on.

On Monday, Marie picked 5 flowers. On Tuesday, she picked 4 more flowers. How many did she pick altogether?

Dan can run 1.5 miles in 10 minutes. How fast is this in feet per hour?

Dillan is trying to find shade. He sees a 24-foot tree and sees that it casts a 10-foot shadow. When Dillan sits down, he is 3 feet tall. What is the farthest distance away from the base of the tree that Dillan can sit and still be in the shade?

Erin is doing random jobs to make some money. She earns $20 an hour for babysitting, $15 an hour house cleaning, and $10 an hour watching pets. In a week, she was a babysitter for 3 hours, she cleaned for 5 hours, and she watched pets for 2 hours. How much money did Erin make in the week?


Tip pf the Week


To expand children’s thinking processes and help them “see” groups, ask

questions like:

• “7 and how much more make 10?” “70 and how much more make 100?”

“700 and how much more make 1,000?”

• “10 and how much more make 15?” “10 and how much more make 18?”

“10 and how much more make 25?


Answers to last week’s post:

 Answer 1: 3/4

Answer 2: 7.8 cups

Answer3:  150 Cents


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