Help your child prepare for next year this Summer!


We at Mathnasium certainly enjoy this time of year. Summer allows us the time to work with and prepare your child for next year’s math in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.




Don’t let your child slide this summer break.  Let your child try new strategies and methods that strengthen areas where your he needs help. We sure can help you.

Give your child a go with these problems.

1. A bag contains 11 red marbles, 8 white marbles, and 6 blue marbles? What is the ratio of blue to white?

2. Three cups of rice will serve 5 people. How many cups of rice are needed to serve 13 people?

3. If three candies cost 25 cents, how much does it cost to buy a total of 18 candies?



Tip of the Week.

Problem Solving

Children become good problem solvers when they are asked to solve a broad range of problems early on, at home and at school. Start with easy questions; let the level of difficulty increase as the child’s ability grows.


Ask children questions like:

  • “I’m 38 years old, and you are 6. How old will I be when you are 10?”
  • “If 3 pieces of candy cost 50 cents, how much 6 do pieces cost?


Answers to last week’s post:

 Answer 1: 20 AED

Answer 2: 21/2 

Answer3:  5/8

Answer 4: 1/2


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