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Don’t let summer break mean a break from learning!

Mathnasium invites you to challenge your children this summer once every day, even if it’s as little as 10 minutes.




Try and see if you and your child can work out these exercises! You may be well amazed! Check out the answers next week.


  1. Half a pound of candy costs 10 AED. How much does a whole pound of candy cost? 20 AED
  2. A 20- foot piece of wood is cut into three pieces. One piece is a 3 feet long and the second piece is 4 ½ feet long. How long is the third piece? 12 ½
  3. Half way through the second quarter, what fractional part of the game is left?
  4. A fish tank is three quarters full. One third of the water leaks out. How full is the tank now?


Tip of the week!


Remember as counting skills begin to develop, fractions can be introduced. Long before introducing words like numerator and denominator, teach children that half means “2 parts the same,” and have them use this knowledge to figure out things like:

  • “How much is half of 6? …10? …20? …26? …30? …50? …100? …248?


  • “How much is half of 3? …11? …15? …21? …49? …99? …175? …999?



Answers to last week’s post:

 Answer 1: 3 ½ miles

Answer 2: 30AED

Answer3:  78.75 AED

Answer 4: 18 seashells

Answer 5: 2 hours and 24 minutes






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