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Math made easy for kidsWhen kids are introduced to math, it could easily confuse and frustrate them. If you look back when you were in grade school, math was very challenging for almost everybody. There may have been a few classmates who made it all look so easy but not for the majority. Back in the day, there were almost no math made easy for kids activities. Mathematical problems were written on the board and the solutions were taught to students. Teachers just went on and on without realizing that some kids wereare struggling with the lesson.


These days, it is a bit different. Parents and teachers create math made easy for kids lessons and activities. Students could look forward to going to school and deal with their math problems. This is not to say that math should be taken lightly. We are just saying that the subject could be seen as interesting and not dull and dreadful.


How can math be made enjoyable especially for your kids?


  • Math is more enjoyable with games. Some parents may see games as a useless form of studying but they will be surprised at how much a kid can learn through playing math games. The children are more excited to participate and, therefore, are more willing to learn how the game works. It would especially be more fun if there were prizes for them. There are also plenty of board games that deal with numbers. Perhaps you can put a twist onto it by making some minor tweaks.


  • Use visual aids. Children are very visual. They like looking at pretty things. By creating your own visual aids, you will help kids to be more interested in the subject. They will also understand better when there are objects used as examples rather than just writing numbers on the board.


  • Be creative. There are many ways to incorporate art with mathematics. Colors and drawings are great math activities for kids. Think of ways to make them draw and color but always keeping in mind that it should involve numbers.


  • Look for or create your own math made easy reviews. Check that your students retained the lesson from yesterday or the week before by creating fun reviews for them.


Whatever method you choose to make math easier, interesting and challenging for your students or kids, remember that the end result should be that they learn and understand the lesson. Today, kids are under a lot of pressure from their parents so that they get depressed when expectations are not met. Parents need to bear in mind that children need to rest their brain as well or they are just going to lose interest.
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