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Middle school and high school math can be as terrifying for students as for parents. This is the age when students have more of a social life and they do more extra-curricular activities. Students have a hard time juggling these activities and their studies while parents fear that their kids do not study enough. It is, therefore, the parents’ duty to make sure that their kids stay focused and that they balance their academics with their social life. If parents are concerned about their kids’ grades in math, they can have activities or tutoring in math after school. This will help them focus on this challenging subject. Sometimes, even if the student is brilliant but does not focus, his grades are going to suffer. So what else can parents do to help their child focus?


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  • Communicate. Teenagers do not like being nagged all the time. You can’t just take a look at their grades and start nagging about how low the grades are. Parents need to understand what the kids feel, their activities and friends. They may no longer welcome you to do homework with them but you can certainly let them know that you are available any time they need help. Also, ask them how classes in school were and if they encountered challenges.


  • Talk to the teachers. It is no secret that math is one of the most challenging subjects in school if not the most. It is imperative that you know how your child does in school by talking to the teacher every grading period so that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your child. Ask questions why your child has a low grade in a particular subject and ask if after school math tutoring is needed.


  • Be positive. Math is challenging for everybody and not just for your kids. Do not compare your child to other children who have higher grades or yourself for that matter. Remember that we all struggled at one point when we were a teenager.


  • Hire the services of a tutor early. As soon as you realize that your child has a hard time keepingup with his math, you need to start looking for a tutor in math. After school tutorial may seem too much when kids already spend the whole day in school but it could be good for them. There are great after school math activities that are fun and exciting. Your teenagers will surely love it.

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