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You’ll rarely hear the words “cool” and “maths” uttered in the same sentence, unless someone is trying to determine the freezing point of a liquid. Face it — most kids are deathly afraid of the subject. Of course, it doesn’t help that parents fail to recognize that such fear emanates from the confusion and anxiety felt by kids when they struggle to grasp a concept behind a lesson tackled in maths.

One of the reasons why children experience difficulty in maths is simply because traditional teaching techniques have relied on memorization. When a child understands the concepts behind something, the frustration and anxiety vanish. In order to make the subject cool, maths for kids should encourage youngsters to use their reasoning and natural curiosity.

One way to do that is to use nifty tricks in solving equations.

For example, when you are trying to get the product between four and another number, one easy way to compute for that is to simply multiply that number by two and then multiply the answer by two. To illustrate this, compute for the product between 35 and four. Multiply 35 by two and you’ll get 70. Now multiply 70 by two and you’ll get 140. Essentially, the equation that is 35 X 4 is the same as 35 x (2X2).

Now, if you are multiplying four by 11, you know that the answer is 44, multiplying 7 by 11 gets you 77. But how about if you are multiplying a double-digit number with 11? To illustrate, multiply 52 with 11. The first digit of the answer will be 5 and the last digit will be 2. To get the middle digit, simply add 5 and 2. Hence, the answer to the equation is 572. However, there are instances wherein you’ll get a two-digit sum when computing for the middle digit. For example, when you multiply 87 by 11, you’ll have 8 as the first digit and 7 as the last digit. However, when computing for the middle digit, you’ll get 15. To arrive at the final answer, simply add the first digit of 15 to 8 so you’ll have 9 as the first digit of the product and retain 5 as the middle digit. The final product would be 957.

How about if you are multiplying a number by 12? For example, you are trying to get the product between 7 and 12. Start off by multiplying 7 with 10. After that, compute for the product between 7 and 2 and add both products so you’ll get 84.

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