Cook and Learn MathMath does not have to be synonymous with boring, tedious, or difficult. When we were kids, our parents made us sit down and memorize our tables or else we are not getting any kind of treat. So, we had to sit there and painfully memorize what seemed like endless numbers that did not make any sense. We kept on it until we could recite it perfectly and our parents were satisfied with it. But did we really understand what we were memorizing? Maybe some did but I’m sure many of us were just too happy to have left the awful table on the corner and were able to have lollipop or cake. But nowadays, learning maths could be made fun with kids’ math activities. There are so many things parents and teachers can do to make maths fun and interesting. In the process, kids are able to understand the concept.

Here are some kids math activities that you can do at home or at school.

  • Use jelly beans for counting games. Have two jars ready. Put some jelly beans in one jar. If you are doing this in school, ask the children to form two groups. Each group needs to make a guess about the number of jelly beans inside that one jar. When they have given their final answer, count out the jelly beans by putting it one by one inside the other jar. The group that made the closest estimate wins.
  • Learn math while cooking. Children love cooking. Let them help you prepare the ingredients. Make them measure the ingredients so they’ll master their fractions. Ask them questions every now then like “How many half cups are there in a cup?” or “How many slices will there be if I make four cuts in a pizza?” Kids will love it! Also teach them about temperatures with the use of a thermometer.
  • Play good old tic-tac-toe. Tic-tac-toe never grows old. It is a great game to teach children and an awesome way to help them with their problem solving skills. Yes, it may just be counting up to three but their analytical mind will be tapped more.
  • Teach kids how to measure distance in a garden or a park. Having a class inside a classroom all day everyday can be tiresome. Kids get restless and the end result is that they no longer listen to the teacher. They either talk to each other or start doing other things like drawing or making mischief. Let them go outside sometimes and have lessons there. Take some measuring tapes with you. Let the kids measure the distance between two plants. Or maybe the distance between the slide and the swing.

Kids math activities are such a fun way of learning math and these kids won’t feel like they are being forced to learn. Learning does not need to be all serious all the time. It could be made fun and more interesting. Kids math activities are encouraged by our tutors at Mathnasium because we believe that learning does not just happen inside the classroom. Learn more about us!



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