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A lot of families in Dubai usually have both parents working and the young children are left to fend for themselves until their folks get home from the office. In other instances, they are left to the care of housekeepers. This has been a big concern lately, but there’s a growing trend these days that help families with such dynamics keep the young ones busy and productive much better.

Over the years, there’s been an increase in the number of tutorial centres in the economic capital of UAE, and these centres have been a big help to parents who want their children to make smart use of their time, and have reliable adults looking after their development when they personally can’t, even for just a few hours of the week.

These learning centres are proving to be not only particularly effective in helping children academically, but the young clients also say that they get to have loads of fun as well. The kids’ activities in Dubai offered by these facilities focus on unconventional learning — the type of teaching and studying that takes into great account the unique learning style of the students and utilizes creative and progressive methods for optimum learning.

Speaking of progressive methods for learning, young learners say they tend to retain lessons better whenever they are presented in a way that increases their relevance or creates a positive experience. For example, whenever math problems are related to real life events that they are all too familiar with, the principles required to be applied to bring forth a solution stick to their brains naturally, because they are able to relate them to their own experience. Meanwhile, when lessons are taught through non-traditional methods (say, through songs or poems or games), the same “stickiness” is achieved, making it so much easier for the kids to apply the information they get in school where it seems to matter most because they get graded there.

But perhaps, the biggest benefit kids get from the fun, effective learning offered by these tutorial centres is the way their supposed learning deficiencies or issues are addressed. Children with math anxiety (who simply cannot get lessons down in school), or have no interest in classroom learning, find the different approach refreshing. Likewise, the more relaxed relationship they have with their tutors reminds them that adults who teach them are “human” too, and are willing to truly help them.

Indeed, the tutorial centres that manage to promote this transformation are complete life-savers. They are able to help parents who want trustworthy adults looking after their children and helping them with lessons in school, and at the same time, providing young ones a different brand of fun — a brand that can benefit them in a multitude of ways.

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