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Did you know that your child loses more math skills and knowledge during the vacation months than any other subject! This is made worse because keeping math skills sharp takes a lot of effort from both you and your child!


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That is why summer is the perfect time for children to focus on tuning up skills, and it can be done in some fun and engaging ways.

Don’t take a break from learning! You don’t have to torture your children with math drills this summer, but keeping their brain active during the school break will help! Check out our fantastic Summer Promo!

Here are simple Tips to keep your Child on track this Summer…

These Mathnasium strategies are appropriate for any person of any age who needs help with basic mathematics concepts and skills.

The trick is to do these exercises both orally and visually, with little or no writing.
Pictures can be used as visual aids.
Real–world objects (coins, blocks…) are appropriate.


The most basic skills in mathematics are counting and grouping (“seeing” numbers in groups). To develop counting skills, help children learn to count from any number, to any number, by any number. Do all counting forward and backward.

To expand children’s thinking processes and help them “see” groups, ask
questions like:
• “7 and how much more make 10?” “70 and how much more make 100?”
“700 and how much more make 1,000?”
• “10 and how much more make 15?” “10 and how much more make 18?”
“10 and how much more make 25?”

Notice how these questions focus on the number 10, multiples of 10, and powers of 10. These exercises can all be done by counting mentally, and do not require students to do pencil–and–paper computations!


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