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Student Learning from a Math TutorBeing a parent often means being a teacher as well. As a matter of fact, people even say that our parents were the first mentors we had before we stepped into our first school. That said, being a teacher will always run in any parent’s blood, regardless of what level their kids are at. However, it is not always easy as a parent to give your children the right academic boost they need to get their grades up at school, especially if you decide to help your kids with math.

Math is not the friendliest subject around, but as much as it is complex and problematic, it is also one of the major subjects at school simply because it is extremely necessary in life. With that, there is indeed a dire need to learn techniques that can help parents teach their kids better and more effectively. Below are some of the easiest ones we can suggest:

Figure out the best teaching approach for your child

Although some kids prefer having someone to guide them from the beginning until the end of the lesson, some are more comfortable with having the room for their own. You can help your kids with math book problems by knowing which what kind of teaching method best suits them. Keep in mind there is no universal teaching tactic or a particular formula that would fit each child’s learning behavior, so it would be best to keep your eye out on your child. The most useful reminder in figuring out what teaching style works and does not work on your kid is to be more observant. Examine his behavior and apply the teaching approach wherein he responds better.

Active probing is the key to a child’s better understanding

The most effective way to find out if your lesson has been clearly understood is to ask kids. Math requires precision and knowing the basics, so not understanding one aspect of it may lead to not being able to get the next topics that are related to the previous one. That said, you need to make sure that every lecture you make has been absorbed by your kid before moving on to the next topic by constantly asking if he has understood them clearly or not. You also need to develop the ability to sense whether your child is simply saying “yes” out of pressure or embarrassment or because he actually comprehended everything.

Give helpful and related assignments to challenge your child’s intellect

If your child has truly understood the topic, as mentioned above, then it is time to make some exercises for him to solve. Test his analysis and logical thinking through Math homework. Help kids retain each topic better in their mind by designing problems that are very much related to the current lecture. The set of questions should also have different angles and must not have the same pattern of analysis to teach your child how to evaluate more rationally.

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