Great Activities for Kids in DubaiIn the past decade, Dubai has become highly industrialized because of the oil industry. It has become the center for business and entertainment in the United Arab Emirates. It is no wonder that people from all over the globe come to this beautiful city to live and work. Not to mention that it has sunny weather all year long and beautiful beaches and dunes to boot. Living and working in Dubai have great advantages but we always talk about the benefits for adults. What about the kids? If there are interesting things to do for adults, are there also great activities for kids in Dubai.

Kids are important in the family and, therefore, their activities should be taken into consideration. In today’s age of technology, many parents think that it is fine if they leave their children playing with an iPad or computer. As parents, it is your duty to make sure that whatever activity your kids are doing, they should be able to learn something from it. Yes, playing is indeed a part of growing up but not when it’s on an iPad or tablet. They should be interacting with other kids personally. There are fun activities and also interesting academic activities that your children can participate in.

Here are some activities for kids in Dubai that you can do with your children.

  1. Dubai is rich in history. Take your kids to museums and historical buildings. Give them a tour personally or ask someone you know who loves history to do the tour. Make it interesting. Children love stories so teach history by telling stories.
  1. Take them to sand dunes and beaches. Kids should not only visit malls and arcades because these are not the only places where they can have fun. Teach them how to appreciate Mother Nature so when they grow up, they will become better persons who will take care of the planet they live in.
  1. Enjoy the water park that Dubai is famous for. Families ought to spend time together and what better way than to splash around Wild Wadi Water Park. Kids will surely love it.
  1. Make the kids appreciate architecture. Dubai is truly famous for it. Modern architecture is something that Dubai has taken to a whole new level.
  1. Finally, some activities for kids in Dubai should also be related to their academics. There should always be a balance between leisure and study. After school activities could include a science or maths tutorial. There are several great tutoring companies in Dubai that parents can choose from. Ask for recommendation from friends or family.

It is not enough that you only put your kids through school, feed and clothe them, and provide material things for them. Parents need to be more involved with their kids’ activities.

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