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Kids are always ready to have some fun, even while they’re supposed to be learning. The real challenge is to get them to enjoy something that they’d normally find boring and difficult, such as learning math. For the committed teacher, however, there are certain ways to make this seeming impossibility very much doable. The following, for example, are good ideas on how to make mathematics for kids more enjoyable:

  • Use the gamification technique. Whether you hold competitions and tournaments in the classroom or simply devise a way to have the children individually earning points to get to the next level, turning math into fun and games is definitely something that would make young people more eager to learn the concepts well. You can also make use of apps and games available online. Old-time drills were probably the ultimate math game back in the day, but there are so many more options available now.
  • Practice math in real life scenarios. Kids are better able to grasp the relevance of math when they can apply the stuff they learn in real life. For instance, use a real cake or pie for teaching fractions, or play marketplace to teach them about money, addition, and subtraction. You can get them to use Lego bricks to build homes following areas and perimeters you specify.
  • Let them get comfortable with math. It’s important to build their confidence in their math skills; otherwise, the subject is just something that frustrates them and makes them feel inferior. It doesn’t matter if you dwell a long time on easy problems if it makes your students feel that they’ve mastered the topic. You may also use a reward system as reinforcement for the learning that they’ve accomplished.
  • Make math seem fascinating and intriguing. To the average person, math is nothing more than a difficult school subject, but there are so many interesting facts about it. By telling them stories involving math and presenting them with fun trivia about the subject, it becomes so much more than something they need to learn to pass. Teach them nifty math tricks. Tell them about cool mathematicians. Cite celebrities who majored in math, et cetera, et cetera.

These are just some ideas you can apply in order to make mathematics for kids more enjoyable. If they have a preconceived notion about it being dry and tedious, you can show them that there’s definitely a different perspective from which to view this subject.

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