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Math shouldn’t be too hard. It’s everywhere, and it’s everything — this is what most Math subject teachers say to their students whose hearts palpitate at the sight of numerical problems. They are right in saying that – everything does come in numbers. Your age is a number, the money you have in your piggy bank is a number, the steps you execute for dancing the cha-cha come in numbers, your daily activities correspond to a number – but why the heck, then, is math so difficult to learn in school? Why do so many students flunk the subject if it’s supposed to be something completely familiar and relevant?

Students claim, though, that most teachers these days fail to create a functional appeal for math. It’s often simply a subject that’s taught and hurried through, so that all the lessons are covered for the school year. The consistent, pen-and-paper method of learning math is somewhat detached from the application of the subject in real life – it’s boring, and often, too quickly forgotten. They also add that while they do learn the lessons, they are learned merely to score well in school tests; students find no further use for them and just bury them in the farthest ends of their memory.

It does seem like schools are not always the best (and only) places to teach the complete relevance of math, which is why tutorial centers are growing more in demand. Parents who want their children to learn what they couldn’t in school rely on the creative and alternative methods of teaching and learning provided by tutorial centers. The tutors exploit a variety of methods to take math from “boring and irrelevant” to “cool math” for kids.

Instead of constantly presenting math problems in conventional forms, tutors present the lessons in situations that learners can relate to; the beauty of alternative methods of teaching or presenting lessons is that they facilitate learning so the tutees can arrive at the answers themselves and gain a full grasp of the how and why the answers are such.

They also take into consideration the unique learning style of the tutees, and capitalize on it so that teaching and learning become more effective. Lessons are presented through games, songs, puzzles and other interactive activities (usually not confined to a classroom) that leave a longer-lasting impression on the kids. This is proving to be quite effective because students say that through the enjoyable and unique learning experiences, they are able to retain math principles better and build a larger network of references so that should they need them either in school or life, they know how to apply them properly and provide a solution.

From boring math to cool math, students are scoring better in school, but more importantly, they are no longer intimidated by the challenges the subject presents

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