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Students Participating in SchoolWe might have lied a little with our title because there is really no best way to teach math. However, you can help yourself in teaching your students better with the tips we have in store for you. Remember that it takes time and practice to do some of the techniques so be patient about them. Also, each student has a specific learning pattern you have to discover, so it is also best if you observe your every student and use whatever teaching approach you think best suits them.

Be more physically close to your students while you teach

It is a known fact that establishing an emotional connection is a must in order to teach your students more effectively. However, body language is also an important aspect in teaching, which is why it is more advisable to sit next to your student when you do private tutoring than sitting across him or anywhere distant from him. This is also the best way to teach math to preschoolers as instructors can easily hear their small voices and can see immediately whatever the student points at. It also builds a sort of parent-child vibe that kids need to feel more cared for and comfortable.

Review the most recent lesson before advancing to the current topic

The best way to teach math to middle school students, since their lessons are more complex than that of what preschoolers learn, is by constantly reviewing them about the previous discussions you’ve had every tutorial session. This helps not only the students but also yourself by refreshing your memory, creating a steadier and clearer understanding of what the current lesson is. As you know, learning math creates a chain effect for each topic. If you fail to understand one part of the subject, it may affect the way you solve for the next mathematical problems of the more advanced lessons.

Constantly ask for feedback from your students

The best way to teach math word problems, on the other hand, is by making it a habit of yours to ask your students if they have clearly understood each question or discussion. This allows you to reteach the parts that they were most confused about. It is also important to tell them to be honest as some kids are embarrassed to show others that they cannot understand everything. That said, make sure that everyone has not only heard but also comprehended every component of the lecture.

Do not spoon-feed them the answers. Instead, allow them to solve the problems on their own

This particular item does not mean you are supposed to let them answer complicated mathematical problems without equipping them with the right knowledge about the topic. You need to make sure that they have completely understood the lesson before handing them over questions that would challenge their ability to solve difficult questions. Giving clues about the quizzes and tests would only slow their learning process down.

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