Here is some advice to help you and your child get a head start this School Year

Back to School Tips

Get organized!


We’re talking study schedules that fit in with the daily routine, a clean and neat workspace at home free of clutter and distractions, a calendar to keep track of upcoming tests and homework deadlines, and more. Sit with your child and together, come up with structured solutions that work with his or her learning style and schedule.

Stay on top of what’s going on at school

Meet with your child’s math teacher to discuss goals for the school year. The teacher can also provide some insight on your child’s attitude and performance in class—valuable information that will help you support
your child.

Call and get your child assessed for Free at any of our Mathnasium Centers. This will help you better familiarize yourself with where your child is and what is expected from him/her to develop this year.

We hope you’ll find these pointers useful as you gear up for an exciting year ahead.

Wishing you a math-tastic school year!

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