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School’s finally out. Spectacular activities have been planned, covering a whole spectrum of interests for the entire family. Maybe a trip outside of Dubai may even happen. But in all the excitement over summer fun, something tends to get sidetracked: your kid’s learning abilities.

Indeed, while holiday travels may be helpful in educating your kid, there is still the matter of keeping up grades and maintaining an average at school. Summer holidays and other lengthy breaks from school can affect some kids’ abilities to recall instruction in arithmetic, writing, and reading.

When this goes unresolved, a student may end up with blunt academic skills. And with the high standards of Dubai education, it would be wise to help your kid avoid the so-called summer learning loss so that grades and test scores never suffer — no matter how fun the summer activities may have been.

One ideal way to maintain your kid’s education, without affecting his summer holiday, is to keep his mind engaged. A mentally challenging activity is not just going to promote learning but it could also become a bonding activity for your family. Educators in Dubai recommend using logic puzzles, which can improve the maths and problem-solving abilities of your kid. In addition, solving an elaborate puzzle could also fire up that competitive spirit, which your child could use in other areas of his academic life.

Introducing such learning activities to help your kid retain and improve what he’s learned in school may not be enough. It would also be a smart decision to help your kid be ready for the coming school year. Getting a head start through private instruction would be an excellent way to prepare your kid.

Tutoring is especially beneficial for kids struggling to grasp mathematical concepts or kids who refuse to truly learn about equations because they think it’s too hard. Through private instruction, your kid can learn from maths specialists who use innovative methods that actually change the way any child views the subject. With the right maths program, your kid can even find Algebra or Geometry easy and enjoyable.

But in addition to changing the way your child thinks about maths and improving his maths skills, tutoring may also give him better study habits. And better study habits will always help any kid in any subject.

Summer. Long holidays. Time off from school. There is no reason why your kid cannot stop learning outside of school. Find ways to engage his mind. Come up with challenging activities that also turn into family bonding time. And give your kid the tools to be better prepared for the next curriculum.

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