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After School Math ActivitiesDo you know what happens to your children once their classes are done and they proceed to their private tutorials after school? Dubai mentors get their hands full because of the students they handle every time. If you think you’ve seen it all, then you might not have been a kindergarten or elementary teacher. Aside from knowing how to answer children’s hilarious and, sometimes, surprisingly existential questions, you also have to be the following:


Turn your eye away for a second from your little students and you may find them eating crayons or hitting each other in the face. That being said, you need to be alert all times to avoid accidents that they can get themselves. One trick to prevent such an issue from happening is to organize after school enrichment activities that are interesting and exciting enough to keep their focus on nothing but you. You can add up security cameras around the classroom too, but that can be a little costly, so just stick to the traditional way of paying close attention to their actions.


Countless times did it happen when children conjure crazy ideas and ask their teachers about sensitive questions such as why boys and girls have different reproductive organs or how moms and dads make babies. When such circumstances occur, your brain has to be agile and fast enough to compose an answer that will not corrupt their minds. Of course, not all parents will appreciate you telling their kids directly answers that may prove to be too complicated for them to actually have a full grasp on, so it would be best if try and keep yourself on the safe side by having quick wits with such enquiries.


It is not easy thinking of various after school activities ideas, but with a bit of artistry, a teacher can turn a simple boring card game into a thrilling educational game. Creativity helps a lot in this line of work because kids are scientifically proven to have short attention spans and only innovative teaching techniques can fascinate them and preserve their concentration.


Although this can go without saying, being a patient is an essential element in teaching. When conducting after school games, for instance, a teacher can’t just go berserk just because her students wouldn’t listen and abide by her rules. The teacher should have extensive understanding to be able to gain respect not fear from her students. Also, only through patience can a teacher convince her students that they can feel comfortable around her and that she can be a shoulder that they can cry on.


Kids’ lifestyles these days revolve mostly on online games, social networking sites, gadgets, and basically, anything that’s digital. That being said, you have to be aware of such things in order for you to connect or relate yourself to them. Having a common ground, after all, is one of the most basic and easiest ways of establishing an emotional link with other people.

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